Chinese Fan Mathjong

Don't despair if you get stumped sometimes playing Mathjong. The best players of any game don't always come out on top. Mathjong is like Solitaire in that there may not always be a way to work out the equations and reach the end of the game with a high score. Some plays may need to be made just so you can bring up an operator tile for the next turn.

Every equation you make should contain as many numbers as possible to get more points. That sounds a little like Scrabble, don't you think? If you have a full nine tiles in your equations, you will be more likely to have enough operator tiles to finish the game. If you use all single digit numbers in your equations, you will probably be left with numbers that cannot be used toward the end of the game.

One thing is for certain; you can't cheat at Mathjong because your math has to work or the system won't accept it.

Mathjong is a game of concentration and some luck. You will find that you improve as a player if you practice. Be sure to begin with Basic Mathjong before you attempt to tackle the other levels. Mathjong is the fun way for kids to improve their mental math skills!

Mathjong Levels