Diamonds Mathjong

The exciting online game of Mathjong that helps teach kids math is making quite a stir! Check out these game tips.

The number of light tiles that are playable at the start of Mathjong is important because that dictates the number of choices you have to make your math equation. In the Basic game, you have 46 playable tiles to start with, but it might surprise you to know that Diamonds, which is considered the harder game, has one more light tile than Basic.

One of the reasons the game is more difficult is the separation into all the different stacks. This makes it more difficult to get an order of uncovering new tiles. Chinese Fan has only 38 open tiles to start with, and it is noticeable when you are selecting tiles to play. Infinity has only 37 tiles to select from, and the Pyramid has the lowest at 30.

The location of the wild tiles has much to do with the difficulty of the game, too. The Basic game hides those tiles so that you don't have a chance to use them until you are near the end of the game. Other versions flaunt these special tiles so that you are tempted to use them early in the game, and then when you need them to complete the game, they are all gone. Curious about the game that educates kids about math while providing loads of fun at the same time? Play Mathjong now!

Mathjong Levels