Infinity Mathjong

Mathjong is a fun-to-play online game that helps kids develop their mathematical skills. Here are a few Mathjong game play tips.

You have to be fast to see how your score is calculated when you submit a Mathjong equation. It flashes briefly on the screen before it lets you make your next play. See if you can guess how many ways you can increase your score based on the tiles you use in your equations. Did you know you get extra points for using all nine tiles in your equation area?

The numbers you use are also important. It might be easy to use zeros because you can do the math easily in your head, but do those zeros give you any points? How about from where the numbers were chosen on the board; does that make any difference in your score?

Generally the score will take care of itself. The most important part of playing Mathjong is to be able to submit your equation on each turn. If you do that, you will have the opportunity to complete the game.

If you are only concerned with points, you will be disappointed near the end of the game because you will be forced to make plays that will only get you from one submission to the other. If you have played a smart game from early in the game of Mathjong, you should have a very impressive score and a winning game at the end. Mathjong - the FUN way for kids to learn about math!

Mathjong Levels