Pyramid Mathjong

Maybe you haven't heard of the fun game that helps kids develop their math skills. In Mathjong, every time you click submit you must have an equal sign in your equation, so you must treat those tiles like gold.

When you are working out your mathematical equation, you must be planning on where the next equal sign will come from. Starting with the basic game, it is rather easy to have an equal sign ready for each play until you get to only a single layer of tiles left on the board.

Your objective in Mathjong is to find a use for a light tile number or symbol that is beside a dark equal sign. Even if you don't care to use the number in your equation, you should grab it so the equal sign will become light so you can select it when it is needed to complete other equations.

Sometimes scoring is secondary to keeping tiles in play, even though you want to score as many points as you can.

You don't lose any points if you have to undo an equation that is not working out or in which you misplaced the numbers. You only lose the time you spent, and if you see that you are making a mistake by putting together a particular equation, it is better to clear it out and begin again. Once you click the submit button, the numbers are gone forever (that is of course if the equation is correct). Enjoy improving your math skills with the fun game of Mathjong!

Mathjong Levels